“There are several girls in my communication circle, some of them I slept. We have constant intrigues, scandals and investigations. But there is one, unremarkable, ordinary, without complaints about the sharp mind and other aspects of attractiveness ..

I met her for a very long time, in the teenage period, but somehow it did not work out. I am well acquainted with her family, and now we are friends with her, quite closely. She likes older guys. And when I see her even just with acquaintances, my interest in her increases sharply. Actually, now one of these points. And most importantly, I don’t want a relationship with her.

Maxim, hello! Thank you for sharing their history and talked about the relations that you have for girls from the company. I did not see the question in your story. Therefore, I will assume that you are still worried about the situation when there is friendly relations with the girl, but there is no attraction;But at the same time, there are girls with whom you had sex were close, and there are no mutual understanding and calm, “constant intrigues, scandals and investigations”. You probably would like harmony in relationships so that everything « develops ».

In youth, in early youth, relations are very important. Young people gain experience, experience happy and unhappy love, learn about themselves, about their preferences, about what is important in relations and what is not, what can be accepted and what is not. At the moment, you wondered why you like girls only when they have someone, and gave an example with your girlfriend.

It looks like you are writing about jealousy. And this feeling can arise not only in relation to his girlfriend